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tv   News  ABC  July 11, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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and officially 90. a different case today. we build up the humidity and the pollution and it's not going to be recommended to be outside. hopefully you will have a safe place to go to take use of air conditioning. it's 73 currently in baltimore this morning. and we are expecting temperatures to make their way back up close to 90 by lunchtime. right now, we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar and we will check out the forecast with the 90s for the next few days coming. right now tonya with traffic. >> reporter: we are starting to get some volume out there. starting to slow down in certain spots. we will take our first look on the northwest side of the beltway. 695 at liberty. as being see,p ahead -- see, up ahead, that's the outer loop to the top right that's slowing down. we are affecting our drive times a bit. 38 southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes. outer loop from 795 to 70, that will take from 7 to 9 minutes. bel air to providence, just about 6 minutes.
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95 southbound past 395 we did have the left lane closed earlier with roadwork. we went from two lanes closed down to one lane. that should be out of there shortly. charley. >> thanks a lot. president obama is going to meet with congressional leaders again today to try to hammer out an agreement on a budget crisis. they are deadlocked over a deficit reduction plan. if they don't reach an agreement, the government could default on its loans. abc's karen traverse have more on where the two sides are drawing their lines in the sand. >> reporter: there's a heightened sense of urgency in washington come up with the deal to raise the nation's credit limit. >> can you work it out in ten days? >> reporter: law makers are at a stand off how to tackel the deficit and prevent the nation from defaulting on the debts. the major sticking point taxes. president obama's plan would cut the deaf set by 4 trillion dollars. twice what republicans proposed. to do that, the president and democrats are calling for some
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tax increases including ending subsidies for oil and gas companies and closing tax loopholes for some businesses. that's a nonstarter for republicans. >> we are not going to raise tax in the middle of this horribleeconomic situation. >> reporter: republicans are pushing for cuts to medicaid and medicare and social security. president obama told lawmakers last night he is prepared to put social security on the table but some democratic lawmakers say no way. >> house democrats are not supporting any cuts in benefits for social security or medicare. >> reporter: the obama administration is warning of the dire consequences of what would happen if the government hits the credit limit and can't pay its bills. >> you will see catastrophic damage across the american economy and across the global economy. >> reporter: president obama holds a press conference this morning and later today will meet with congressional leaders. official say they will keep meeting until they reach a deal. karen travers, abc news, washington.
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a twin engine airplane crashed outside of one city in alabama on saturday killing a mother, a father and five children there. authorities say that the family was returning home from the family reunion when the plane lost its right eng i and crashed into a wooded air -- engine and crashed into a wooded area. a former superbowl mvp face as dui charges. hines ward pulled out early saturday morning when police in suburban atlanta say his vehicle was moving erratically. according to the authorities, the champ failed a sobriety test. jail record show the wide receiver was booked into jail and than released on 1,000 dollars bond. an inn feature in the twilight movie has been damaged by fire. you can see firefighters had to face intense flames. the fire burned through the
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roof and did extensive damage to the second floor. it's called the viewpoint inn in the columbia river gorge in oregon. 5:34. annapolis is trying to spruce up the city dock with a grand reopening of the market house. the fixture that has been around since 1788. and sherrie johnson is here with what to expect to see there. >> reporter: it's a exciting time revamping the market house. the grand reopening kicks off this morning at 9:00. nine vendors signed short-term leases to be a part of that grand reopening. this lineup will offer a mix of food option including a raw bar and grocery plus maps and artwork. the lineup is an effort to bring into the historic downtown market locally owned businesses that offer high quality merchandise at a reasonable cost. here's who's moving in. chicken roost, bb by theor. -- bistor. jerry's on the shore, my ra's
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popcorn and -- myra's popcorn. and it will be on a rotational basis. it will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 each day. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. on thursday, we will learn more about changes coming down to the inner harbor. phillips will tell the city they plan to relow cape to the sight vacant in the espn zone. thursday's meeting is scheduled for 1:30 in front of the city's urban design and architectural review panel. the new restaurant is coming to towson. new gene joe's -- geno's will begin hiring next week between so and 3. if you drop off your resume interviews will start. owner is look forward to opening in the first week of august. severe weather pounded cities in the rocky mountains throughout the weekend. >> a mess there. coming up, images of the storms
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including impressive lightning. many are headed for cover. the animals are taking over in the windy city a peacock on the loose sends animal control into a weekend goose chase. a live picture of the white house as we go to break. you were watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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severe weather rolling through parts of minnesota. these pictures from minneapolis, strong storms told people to take cover immediately. widespread power outages and reports of trees and power lines all being taken down. that's a sight. look at that dangerous weather pouring into the denver metro area. a large storm cell moved through yesterday produing heavy rain and-- producing heavy rain and lightning. we haven't seen anything like that. just a lot of heat. >> a lot of heat. any chance of rain this week? >> we could have a storm pop through overnight tonight and another round tomorrow as we try to break the grip that the
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heat wave has on us. look at the uv index today in the extreme range for a good chunk of the state. look at that. purple here. western maryland and most of virginia down towards ocean city. and not a good day to be outside. we start the day at 73 degrees. here in baltimore, we have got ourselves high humidity that you will feel. not much in the way of cloud and clouds may actually fire up this afternoon. and with storms in the mountains that will probably miss us around one will miss us close to 90 by lunch time of the 39 the two degree guarantee. we may go higher than that depending on how much sun we get. we should cloud things up late with storms to the west holding near 90 this evening and we should have a chance of storms overnight. we will talk about that and the end of the heat wave in a moment. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: marc train 403 approaching bowie state about five minutes late. and it left odenton. the beltway is getting volume. outer loop to the right up ahead will slow down.
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that's affecting our drive time some. what certain spots will slow down. 95 southbound white marsh to the beltway takes about 9 minutes. 9 minutes on outer loop from 795 to 70 and 6 minutes bel air to providence. artscape is going on. dolphin road closed in both directions between mount royal and north howard. charley. >> thanks a lot. a westside chicago neighborhood is gone to the bird. a peacock has been on the loose roaming free. animal control officers spotted it. >> and strutting down the alley. >> watch it. catch me? yeah. he evadeed authorities you know as birds often do until late sunday afternoon. it's unclear where it came from. if they can't find the owner, it's going to a bird sanctuary. >> good thing the bird is okay. a busy weekend for area firefighters after a four-alarm fire at local hot neil we will
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look at the fire -- hotel. >> we will look at the fire and show you rescue video you will only see on abc2. and another violent weekend on the streets of baltimore. i am linda so. four people are murdered. he -- the latest on the police investigation.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:45. it was a violent weekend on the streets of baltimore. four people were killed in this morning police had a lot of work to get done. linda so is here with details. linda. >> reporter: well, the violence started early saturday morning at a major intersection in the city. chances are you have driven by it on your way through baltimore a25-year-old was stabbed to death on charles and fayette street. police say he was with a group of friends when another group came up and started an argument. the man was stabbed in the leg. he later died. police are also investigating a deadly shooting that happened overnight on sunday. a man was shot in the stomach in the 400 block of western morton court. police in the northeast district found a man stabbed to death in his pickup in the 17 hundred block of gors--
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gorsich. police say the incidents are not relate and happened in different parts of the site. no arrests have been ahead. linda so, abc2 news. a man is behind bars in connection with a deadly stabbing on the 4th of july. city police say this man 3 2- year-old marcus harris turned himself in on sa. he is accused of stabbing -- on saturday. he is aof-- accused of stabbing a man to death. bob bell found out he had leukemia and died the following morning. there's going to be a viewing at the st. louis church in clarksville. funeral has been scheduled for thursday. bob bell dead at the age of 78. this weeks friends and family will pay respects to betty ford. a spokesman says that one funeral will be held on tuesday in palm desert, california. the second is set for thursday afternoon in grand rapid, michigan where ford grew up.
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>> there will be a significant participation by the family in both services and i think that will be part of the mosaic and that's the way mrs. ford wand it and we will carry out her wishes. >> ford passed away on friday atage of 93. her legacy includes cofounding the substance abuse center that bears her name. a four alarm fire in days inn started in a storage room. we are the only station in the town to get you a shot of the firefighters rescuing a woman. 160 guests were evacuated from the hotel. two people, including a firefighter, suffered minor injuries. investigators say the fire caused about 3 1/2 million dollars in total damages. 5:47. president obama is back in washington for talks on debt reduction. a plan after spending the weekend at camp david.
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three small planes were intercepted by fighter jets after flying too close to the presidential retreat. two on saturday and one on sunday. the spokesperson says all three land without incident and there were no connections between the three flights. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> the concern for our heat is what's building across the nation and now heading in our direction. yesterday's high low 90s from columbus to detroit to chicago. upper 90s st. louis. and hit 102 in jackson, mississippi and we are looking at 100 degree readings across the lower portion of the central plains. only 90 in baltimore. and above normal and this tends tonight hottest week of the year and on this 7-eleven we are looking at 66 in the morning, 87 in the afternoon. records from 53 in 1996.
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100, 1988 and 1936, part of what was one of the hottest heat waves on record. yesterday's record high temperature on sunday the 10th the hottest temperature ever reported in baltimore 107. that was back in 1936. we have heat build -- we have heat building here. the core of the high pressure and heat across the lower portion of the midwest. and we are looking at that slowly building in our direction. now dangerous air quality code red in central maryland and lower eastern shore. and add in the dangerous heat index values pushing 100 or hotter. not a day to be outside. we are looking at high pressure in control. but there will be some storms that fire up in the mountains. that's going to be benefit of the terrain. mountains have to enhance the lift and build the clouds and storms for brief relief. we will get cloud out of those later in the day. they will have a chance of storms firing up near i-95 and chesapeake overnight. that's 1:30 time stamp on tuesday morning which means overnight thunderstorms a good
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possibility for some brief relief around here. brief relief because it's going add more humidity to the atmosphere at least the low levels and they make it much more comfortable tomorrow. cold front passage. tomorrow afternoon 1:30 on our computer model. some models push it later in the day which allows more heat to build. but there should be strong thunderstorms pushing severe limit that is crosses the region and starts knocking down this heat wave and it will get better for the end of the week. but the start of the week not a good one. outside, temperatures, 93 degrees. that's the two degree guarantee but the air quality will be in the code red and heat index will be close to 100. tonight, look for a chance of thunderstorms and near the chesapeake bay after midnight. we are down to 76, could stay near 80a heat index of 105 after a high of 98 tomorrow afternoon storms and cooler into the week. >> reporter: a little bit of volume as you approach the beltway. but no incidents to report. so nothing major there.
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looking at the jfx at northern parkway, very light traffic, but the volume that is out there right now is mostly moving southbound which is to the left of the screen. you should be okay heading downtown. no major incidents to report. the road closures that we are dealing with have to do with artscape clawing cathedral and -- cay she had can be:-- including cathedral. megan. >> thanks. we are less than two months from the ten-year anniversary of september 11 into the we have new information-- >> we have new manufacturing for you. no -- new information for you. >> no rest for the reary. the -- weary. the crew aboard at lantis are getting a jump on the d -- atlantis are getting a jump on their work. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we will be be right back.
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six minutes away from six. five things to know before heading out the door. today ben cardlin meet with wound military personnel.
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he is scheduled to tour the fisher house and the national intrepid center of excellence in bethesda. they help service members who experience psychological health conditions and brain injuries. today's meeting of the health care reform coordinatingcouncil will be the first of 2011. anthony brown and joshua sharpstein will lead the meeting discussing health care changes in the state. a key agenda item includes the progress of establishing the state's health benefit exchange. baltimore living classroom foundation is teaming with up geafrican american for tom promote health and wellness. the collaboration includes a healthy cook demonstration, flag football for elementary student and a discussion about careers and science, technology, engineering and math. the national september 11th memorial begins taking online ticket reservations today to manage what they expect to be
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heavy demand. it opens to the public on september 12th. following events for victim's families on the 10-year anniversary the day before. reservations will be required because of parts of the memorial plaza are he can spb to be open to -- expected to be open to visitors. the crew aboard the ins national space station are -- international space station are hard at work. they delivered food and clothes and other items. they have enough to keep the outpost going for another year. we are talking weddings this morning. in a scam alert harks saving a buck may not -- alert. how saving a buck may not be in your best interest. >> it may turn them into a bride zilla. >> you want to go to a free concert? verizon free fest is back. where to go to get ticket and when you can see it. an interesting way to make
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a entrance. what a groom did and's a bride. did -- and there's a bride. we will explain. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. that is live picture, a fewments away from 6, of the inner harbor. ♪
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now "good morning maryland." >> we hub cans and democrats meet again with president o-- republicans and democrats meet with the president about raising the debt limit. the tuxedo, piano and many of you knew his face. news of a sudden passing of bob bell. got lunch plans? a grand reopening in annapolis. the historic market house is back open for business. those stories are just ahead. it's monday morning. the 11th of july. 7-11. it's going to


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